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CORE Beat Seats. The finest handmade drum thrones.

How your thrones are made


Unrivalled Comfort

Core Beat Seats offer long lasting comfort where other drum stools fall down. With a mixture of an experienced upholstery background and nearly 20 years of Uk furniture manufacturing, you just can’t go wrong. 

A close up of the split top option of the circular style stool

Attention to detail.

having found a mixture of experience in upholstery, sewing, and leather work gives us the opportunity to experiment with what works best when it comes to making these products the best quality they can be. Good quality materials are integral to a high end finish. All hand crafted right here in the UK

Completely Bespoke

When it comes to creating a band or an image as a musician it helps to have equipment that compliments your style. That’s why we like to be able to offer a completely bespoke service with your drum stool. Simply fill in our form to find out what we can do to suit your needs. 

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